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Realtor Headshots

Realtor Headshots

What are your strengths as a real estate agent?   Are you:

Think of what makes you great at what you do.   If you’ve already worked out your Unique Value Proposition or your Unique Selling Point or your Elevator Pitch or your Personal Branding   . . . then these strengths will come quickly to mind for you.

Notice you have probably included some descriptors about:

  1.  your abilities and qualities working with people
  2.  your abilities and qualities working on tasks

Here is the real purpose of having your profile photo out there – to support your personal brand.  Your photo should communicate the same messages and the same strengths.   When your branding messages and your headshot communicate the same qualities, that lends you credibility.   If you’re credible, you’re believable;  trustworthy.

Confident Portraits

Do you want to look confident?  Of course!   People are forming an impression of you based on your photo.   If you are judged as confident, you will also be perceived as competent.

This is where traditional portraits fail.   They look stiff, awkward and artificial because the photographer is posing your body and directing your face.   They’re directing you to fake it and pretend to be someone else.   Faking it doesn’t work!   We can all judge forced vs. authentic expressions in seconds!

Confidence is being happy, proud and open about being yourself  (the polar opposite of faking it!).

My most important job as a professional headshot photographer (and my chief talent) is coaching you to make it simple for you to be yourself and show your real strengths.   You can only be confident in your headshots by showing your real character . . . and people naturally connect with that in a photo.   It makes you memorable.

How Does a Headshot Session Work?

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Realtor Headshot Clients

Some of my past clients include:

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