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University and Faculty Headshots

Faculty Headshot Photography

Early in my career, I started creating professional portraits for university faculty in the Kitchener Waterloo region.

I’ve also been producing natural, relaxed portraits for:

You will probably see some familiar faces on this page from University of Waterloo , Wilfrid Laurier University and University of Guelph.

These environmental portraits and headshots have been regularly featured in university reports and newsletters.


Timeless Professional Portraits

What do my university clients value most?

Natural, authentic, relaxed, confident portraits.  Refreshingly natural.  I make it easy for you to be yourself, revealing your personality and strengths.   The result is a portrait that captures you at your best.

You want your head shot to help indicate that you are credible.  There should be nothing embarrassing or dated about your profile photo.  If you hunt through portraits from the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s  . . .  some of them are still timeless and outstanding today!  Why is that?  Because those portraits express real character, individuality and confidence.  . . . Someone people can relate to.  I’m only interested in producing these timeless character portraits – honest and authentic – and that’s what I’m consistently best at.

You Can Be Yourself and Look Great

Instead of dreading a portrait session as an unhappy chore, let’s do something you can get into with enthusiasm!   Mediocrity is never inspiring, regardless of the effort it takes.   With a little more expertise and attention, we can capture portraits you’ll be truly happy with.

Ace this part of your public persona and it will go out there (working like a talented ambassador) paving the way for you.   It predisposes people to think of your strengths and authentic character.   That makes your first encounters and first impressions easier.   Your public image shows substance.

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Why Posed, Directed Portraits Don’t Work

Your own relaxed, comfortable body language gives strong visual cues for confidence.

Genuine expressions that come from how you’re feeling and what you’re thinking always look more believable and real.  . . . And being real is the other strong visual signal of confidence.

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What sets me apart in the headshot portraits field is my talent at engaging and capturing your authentic personality.   That is the most important element in creating timeless, effective character portraits.

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 Professional Headshots are Changing

There has been a large shift in how people in the academic world and the business world present themselves.   The old standard in professional headshots was intended to look:

That old approach to professional portraits is ineffective today.   People don’t trust that superficially impressive image.   It looks dated and out of touch.

What does work?    An honest focus on your real strengths and character (in your public persona and your profile photo).

Let’s talk about what’s involved in creating an effective professional portrait for you.

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Faculty & University Headshot Clients

Some of my past clients from the blog:

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