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Corporate Headshots

Corporate Headshots

When I ask my executive clients what they want to convey in their corporate headshot, the first word that comes to them is leadership.  What qualities convey leadership in a headshot?

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How to Capture a Professional Corporate Headshot: Tips for Success

Confidence comes from 2 things in a headshot:

  1. A real expression of your character.  When you’re proud and open about being yourself – that attitude conveys confidence.  This element is the most important and it never comes from controlling your face for the camera!
  2.  Relaxed, comfortable body language.  People who take up more physical space are perceived as more confident – universally.  That doesn’t mean we have you sprawl as wide as you can but it will mean we favor loose, relaxed body language over closed, protective body language.  When we work with your own natural body language and choose your more relaxed and comfortable postures…. you will look comfortable in your own skin.

If you try consciously controlling all of these things – your mouth, your eyes, your cheeks and brow, your head tilt and direction, your arms and hands, your torso, your legs (and also convey some of your personality?) – it’s too much to keep track of at once!  That’s why posed and directed portraits don’t work.

Let’s take another leadership element; Professionalism

How do we show that in your professional headshot?  Wardrobe and grooming are key here.  You want to look polished and presentable.

For men – if you’re wearing a jacket, it should be ‘smart’ (not dated or out of style).  Fitted shoulders and a tailored look support the message that you are current, savvy and smart.   An older style jacket with wide shoulders and a tent-like interior of empty space can imply the opposite;  that you’re not only out of style – you may be out of touch.

For women – sharp, clean edges on your top or jacket will look more professional than a top with a loose, soft contour.   Subtle, natural looking makeup is best for business professional use.

Choosing wardrobe colours which complement your skin tones can make you look healthier and more attractive.

There is lots more to say about wardrobe, grooming, makeup, jewelry and style choices.   Sometimes your industry or the audience for your headshots will dictate the best choices.   We cover this in detail in our planning call or planning meet.

Corporate Headshot Techniques

What I bring to your headshot session:

  1. Coaching for natural, expressive, confident portraits.  I make it simple for you to project your real strengths and character.  This never comes from directing you to smile or control your mouth, your eyes, your brow….. Your state of mind matching your head shot goals here is what works.  Your interaction with me is how we get you there.
  2. Real body language; un-posed. Long after finishing my psychology degree, I’ve taken a keen interest in studying body language….. from CIA and FBI interview training about reading truth vs. deception – to business leadership and performance studies on charisma and presence.  I’ve developed a practiced eye for noticing real body language and the messages it sends to viewers.  These are cues (subtle and obvious ones) that everyone responds to.  In a portrait session, that means I can quickly read the cues you’re sending and give you coaching and feedback on what’s working with your natural body language and what to avoid.
  3. Attractive magazine cover lighting. It’s flattering.  It removes years of texture from your skin.  It lends a clean, fresh professional look.
  4. Expert photoshop retouching. Blemish removal, subtle tooth whitening, evening out skin tones in patchy areas, creases faded or removed by request.  Never over-the-top.  Always believable and real looking.

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Financial Adviser Business Headshots

Financial and Investment sector profile photos are effective when they communicate:

Visually, there are photographic elements and styles that signal professionalism (wardrobe, grooming, body language, backgrounds), stability (level horizons, horizontal compositions) and honesty (physical directness, ample fill light, no dark/moody/mysterious shadows).  Those are second nature background tasks that I take care of while we focus our attention and energy on what distinguishes you in your professional portrait.

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Headshots for the Financial Services Industry

If you’re a financial adviser aiming your headshot at a middle income pre-retirement audience, consider what makes you most relatable to that audience.  When people have many advisers to choose from, they often choose to work with someone they think they will like and someone who they feel they have things in common with.

What will that be for you? Are you:

Investment Adviser Portraits: Tips & Advice

Your natural strengths and character will appeal to your audience most.  That is the only way to be confident and look confident.  When people are forming an impression of you based on your photo, confidence = competence

In investment banking, expertise, knowledge and intelligence might be your most important qualities.  Higher end, tailored, formal business wear and impeccable grooming are the professional norm here.  Your own personal style of relating to people in your professional life is still an important element.  That’s a big part of how we get relateable, confident profile photos of you.

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Entering the Financial Services Industry

So, you have completed your degree in finance or some related field to the financial services industry.  You’ve scoured the job boards looking for job openings and studied job descriptions.  Your resume is crafted and you feel you’re ready to enter the financial services industry.  There’s one thing missing… A Professional Headshot

A professional portrait is essential to developing your personal brand in the financial services industry.  You can set yourself apart from the other job candidates by developing a professional image, capturing it digitally, and displaying it on all promotional communications including your LinkedIn profile.  Take the next step and set yourself apart from other job seekers.

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Corporate Headshot Clients

Some of my past Corporate headshot clients include:

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