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Headshot photographer Kitchener Waterloo Ontario

Professional Headshots

Appearances matter. You only get one chance to make a 1st impression. Your headshot session is all about capturing relaxed, unposed, natural looking portraits.

Sessions are relaxed and fun. You won’t be rushed. This is very important: my approach is focused on helping you feel comfortable in front of my camera. When you are just being yourself, we will capture headshots that convey some of your personality.

I will not do quick, cheap head shot sessions. Yes, we can achieve an attractive, generic headshot of you in only 20 minutes. Most photographers can.

It takes more effort, time and talent – on your part and mine – to bring out natural, expressive, real portraits of you. It takes extra time – and some connection – and a running conversation, for you to feel easy being yourself. It is totally worth it.

What is the opposite of being stiff? posing? posturing? …… the opposite is being real; being yourself. What happens when you show your character and personality in your professional head shots? …. People see someone they can relate to.

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Below is a sampling of the various industry portraits and headshots I produce. To see more, view my portfolio

Professional Business Headshots

People want to work with someone they feel is trustworthy, approachable and professional. Let me help you make an impression that is relaxed, self assured, honest, approachable and professional. Make the best impression with an outstanding professional headshot!

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Actor Headshots

A strong actor headshot cannot be quick and cheap.  It should convey character, emotion and subtlety. Your headshot should communicate something of your real personality. At Studio J Photography, we’ve helped many actors – and actresses – with natural, believable images. View more info about actor headshots. Take the next step and add a professional headshot to your portfolio!

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Real Estate Agent Headshots

Realtor headshot portraits don’t have to look like school picture day photos. When you only have a moment to capture a viewer’s attention, you want a professional head shot that stands out from the crowd.

How can we do that?

Attractive, real, interesting backgrounds look better than photo studio mottled blue backgrounds. Browse through your favorite business journals. Have you noticed what separates the business portraits of the leaders in a field from the average business headshots?

1) The leading professionals have their portraits done in real environments.

2) Their portraits express some of their personality.

When I have the freedom to move around to different locations with someone, to chat and joke around with them – and to find places, expressions and postures that are comfortable, natural and real for them – I know we will capture great headshots.

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Corporate Executive Headshots

Even in corporate headshots, expressing some individuality and personality makes good business sense.


. . . . because it helps customers, colleagues and potential clients relate to you as a person. . . . . and when customers have several similar businesses to choose from, they often choose to work with the people they like most.

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Faculty and Academic Headshots

Studio J Photography does relaxed and authentic portraits for faculty, administrators, scholars and researchers. These portraits are often used in University reports and newsletters.  They are also ideal for public speaking and conference profile photos. Whether individual or a team, contact me today and let’s get started!

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