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What Casting Wants . . . . . Your Headshot Session . . . . . . Packages and Pricing

Your acting headshot is your 1st impression with casting and directors.

Toronto actor headshots

What do they want to see?

–  A natural look that conveys your real appearance.  It’s a huge turn-off for casting to discover that you don’t look like your headshot.

–  Character;  emotion;  subtlety;  a real person —>  your headshot should communicate something of yourself and your ability.

–  Real, believable personality.   . . . . not overdone,   . . . . . not over-acting.   It’s about expression and body language.  . . . . .  yes, the lighting and photography being top notch helps;  but it’s the personality you convey that will get the attention of casting directors and directors.

–  A generic, versatile look is not the best.   Tailoring your headshot to suit every role is a good way of making it unsuitable for any role.

kitchener waterloo acting headshots

Compare headshot photographers.   Think like a casting director:

Does your headshot convey a mood?

Does it express some of your personality and character?   . . . . . .  No ‘say cheese’ looks – no blue steel – no duck-face – no unreal glamour shots.

Do you look real;  not “acting”?

Does it tell a story?

Does it make a personal connection with the viewer?   Even villains are best portrayed with some connection with the viewer.

.   .   .  .  .  .  . Or do you look like a 2nd rate, over-acting stereotype in a bad movie?

.   .   .  .  .  .  . Or like an airbrushed glamour magazine model?

editorial actor headshots

I will not do quick, cheap headshot sessions.  Yes, we can achieve an attractive, generic headshot of you in only 20 minutes.  Most photographers can.

It takes more effort, time and talent – on your part and mine – to bring out natural, expressive, real portraits of you. Getting you comfortable, relaxed and having fun in your session is a great start.  I allow time and a supportive place for you to play with it, be yourself and focus on your headshot goals.

Using several real locations helps you be more relaxed and natural right from the start and gives us a good variety to choose from.  Lighting and background colours and depth can support the mood and emotional tone of your headshot – or they can take away from it.  No mottled blue school photo backdrops here!

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The Actor Headshot Package:

Single Headshot Session  $135

One hour session. One image of your choice to use in print and online. Additional headshots: $45 each.

Four Headshot Session  $250  (most popular package)

Two hour session. Four images of your choice to use in print and online. Additional headshots: $45 each.

All headshot sessions include:

– A Planning meeting.  Here is where we can talk about what you want to convey, details about your session, what to expect and how to prepare. We’ll discuss clothing choices, brainstorm for ideas together, and become acquainted with each other. This first meeting is very important; when we know each other better, you’ll be more relaxed and natural in front of my camera and I will find my creative inspiration from learning more about you.

– Several proofs to choose from.

– Full resolution, retouched digital negatives in colour and black & white on disc.

– Print and reproduction release.

– Facebook and web use files.

– Casting workbook files.

– 8×10 Headshot print files.

– No location fee.

– Images are provided in several different sizes, optimized and ready for print.

– I use professional lighting techniques;  soft, flattering light to make sure your skin and eyes look their best.

– I provide professional quality retouching and colour adjustment on your selected headshots.  I always leave real pores and texture in your skin.  Blemish removal is included.  Sleep circles under eyes can be faded, without removing form (shadow) and texture.  Yellow can be removed from teeth.  The end result is a beautifully lit portrait that looks like you, with no hint of airbrushing or photoshop retouching – totally natural looking!

– 2 business days turn-around following your image selection

– Money back guarantee. Love your professional headshot or you don’t pay. I will refund your full session fee or offer a reshoot. Your choice.

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Here’s what Amanda had to say about her actor headshot session:

“I was searching photographers for my acting headshots. I wanted someone easy going, professional and smart! Someone who could see me and know how to capture me.

Jay had really awesome shots on his website. I saw that eyes were a big focus of Jay’s and I loved that. Rates were reasonable. I was treated like a queen. Both Jay and his assistant praised me and that was a huge confidence booster! Without it my photos would have never turned out the way they did!

He will make you feel comfortable and is up for anything! He sees the beauty in you and will capture it no matter what the circumstance.
Professional. Smart. Knowledgeable. Truthful. Playful. Creative. Trusting. Giving. All around an amazing experience!”

~ Amanda Cortes, Toronto

View a short video of Amanda’s session:

Book an Actor Headshot Session:   phone 519 589 1723   or

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