• Studio J is a headshot and individual portrait photography studio based in Kitchener, Ontario serving the Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Guelph areas.

Studio J is now HEADSHOTS ONLY

I’ve always wanted to specialize in one thing;  to invest all of my effort, talent and resources into something I love doing and take that to another level.

I’m excited to announce that, starting now, Studio J Photography will be headshots exclusively – expressive, natural, confident portraits for professionals, entrepreneurs, academics and actors.   The following ad gives some idea of what Studio J headshots are all about;

Individual portraits are what first turned me on to photography . . . and that was from the sense I got of the person in a great portrait.  For me, it’s the person that’s interesting; not the photo.  When I opened my studio in July 2008, my slogan – and my chief talent as a photographer – was “Portraits that Radiate Personality”.    I like a simpler tagline now – “The Headshot Specialist” – but I don’t think my mission has changed much.  I’ll just be much more focused on it now.

For those viewing the ad on a smaller screen, the words read;

Natural portraits of you.

Comfortable in your own skin
– Confident –
happy to be yourself and not
“project an image” to impress.
Playing up your native strengths.
Showing your real character
and personality.

Unique because you ARE unique

because a photographer
telling you how to sit,
where to put your hands,
where to point your chin –
is using someone else’s
body language – not yours!
Pasting the same directed smile
on your face as everybody else’s
is asking you to pretend to be
someone you’re not.

Pretending to be someone you’re not . . .
looks stiff and awkward –
and the exact opposite of confident!

Confidence means
feeling great about being yourself
– fearlessly expressing your thoughts,
your values, your feelings,
your strengths, your opinions,
your tastes and your wishes.
You can look great AND

Be Yourself

Savanna and Trevor are Married!

Centennial Park, Stratford wedding

Trevor and Savanna chose the perfect spot to get married . . . the beautiful zen garden in Stratford’s Centennial Park. Their whole day was easy going, fun and light-hearted. Trevor is always fun and quirky and joking around. Savanna – in every moment of the day – she was visibly, genuinely happy (and I’m checking all the time! . . . even between photo moments).

Savanna and Trevor wedding Stratford, Ontario wedding photos Kitchener wedding photography Zen Garden Stratford wedding waterfalls ceremony Stratford stratford wedding photos classic car wedding photos Trevor Maxwell and Savanna Good married! Savanna and Trevor Maxwell downtown stratford wedding photography Stratford Canadian Legion dancing Kitchener Waterloo photographers Stratford Ontario wedding photographers Stratford wedding dancing at Canadian Legion


. . . and more photos from their day:

. . . and just for you, Trevor:


Headshots Sale

It’s The Who You Know  AND  What You Know Sale

Who You Know:

You get a $25 credit toward your October / December 2014 headshot session for every person shown here that you have a personal connection or friendship with.
(email / facebook / linkedin / staff / faculty / student – You show me the connection:  You get the credit)

What You Know:

– You know (like these people shown here) that you are unique:   You don’t do typical.
– You know that showing your real self is worlds better than projecting the perfect image.
– You know how powerfully an expression in your photograph can connect a viewer to you.

Book a date by Oct 2014.   Redeem by Dec 2014.     Phone 519 589 1723   or  Email:  jay@studiojphotography.ca



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